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Shandong Sport University

Shandong Sport University has founded in 1958 and is the only sport institution of higher education in Shandong Province. University has two campuses, the Jinan Campus and the Rizhao Campus, with more than 10,000 full-time students and over 700 teaching staff. There are 25 undergraduate majors covering 6 disciplines including education, literature, science, engineering, management, science and arts, and 3 programs providing Master’s Degree. All majors belong to 12 schools, in which includes China National Football Academy and China National Basketball Academy, co-founded by Shandong Provincial Government and the General Administration of Sport of China. In addition to talent cultivation, Shandong Sport University highly values scientific research, and platforms for sport science and technology service innovation. What are more notable to the university are the competitive records – 10 Olympic Gold Medals, 30 Olympic Medals in total, and hundreds Medals won from national and international sport competitions. Over the 60 years, Shandong Sport University has cultivated more than 40,000 outstanding graduates, making important contributions to the vigorous development of sports and the reform and progress of higher education as well as the regional economic and social development. 

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