Intensive and General Spanish Courses

The Spanish Courses Schedule 2015-2016


1 semester 298€ (100€ Erasmus students)
2 semesters  596€ pago anual (100€ Erasmus students)

Enrolment period:

Prior to arrival

1st semester: 8th-19th September 2014

2nd semester: 9th-20th February 2015

Course Coordinator: Carolina Padilla León +34 968 277 986

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About the courses

 The number of pupils for class is 6 - 15.

Regarding the level of contents, the students undergo a placement test on the last day of each free Intensive Course and we place them in their corresponding level, according to their results. (A1, A2, B1, B2 according to the MCER).

We teach about everyday life topics, Spanish culture and traditions and general interest topics (health, professional life, environment, etc)

 The UCAM University is DELE (Instituto Cervantes) Official examination centre.

Incoming students have the best opportunity to learn and attest their knowledge of Spanish language.