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EMCA-Campus Leobersdorf (Austria)

Emca Academy is an tertiary educational institution with long experience  in blended learning. So studying at the emca campus Leobersdorf is above all meant for  part-time (extra occupational) students who will find their special needs and requirements specially regarded.

At emca campus Leobersdorf there are also conducted study programs of the cooperation between UCAM and Universidad Azteca: Magister in Coaching, Magister in Business Administration, Magister en Gestión Empresarial Y Finanzas (Magister in Management and Business Taxation);  Magister en Gestión Sostenible en el Sector de la Salud (Magister in Business Administration for Sustainable Mangement in Health System) and Magister en Gestión Sostenible y Liderazgo Empresarial ( Magister in Sustainability Management and Coporate Governance)

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