About UCAM

    Short presentation of the university with general info

    General information:

    Location: Spain, Murcia, Murcia
    Established in: 1996
    Number of faculties: 7
    Number of students: 10.300
    Number of courses: 95
    Language of tuition: Spanish

    Language requirements:
    1. For Bachelor Degrees: Spanish and/or English  B2 (It possible to obtain it at UCAM)
    2. For Masters: Spanish and/or English B2  (It possible to obtain it at UCAM, some masters has different requirements)

    Accreditation: ANECA (Spanish National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation), Spanish Ministry of Education, Autonomic Community of Murcia Region.


    1. UCAM is private catholic university, around 10.300 students, 23 European official degrees, 30 Master programs, 17 phD programs – one of these 100% international, as the UCAM-FOM Doctoral School of Business Program. The motto of this university is: In libertatem vocati (From Galatians 5:13, RSV: “Called to freedom").

    2. UCAM has a special surrounding environment both cultural and historical. Our main campus is on the XVII century Jerónimos Monastery. We have infrastructures and labs which provide the students with excellent facilities to learn practical skills. You can explore our Campus Tour where you can see images and videos of our Campus.

    3. UCAM has around 150 international partners, some amongst leading colleges and universities in the world as UC Berkeley, Stanford, Notre Dame, TEX Monterrey, Università degli Studi di Bologna, among others.

    4. We are the first university with a Campus in Cuba, where we have two headquarters and where we opened an International MBA. Here is the Financial Times and other media news about it.

    5. Our infra-structure provides excellent sports facilities and has a special focus on sports. We have 17 official teams competing, so as 500 college athletes. A prove of that is the fact that we are the only European university who has a professional Basketball team on the first national league (liga ACB España) UCAM Murcia CB. We compete as well on a professional level in sports like Table Tennis, volleyball, handball, Football (with a team in the 3rd national division). In Spanish Sports Competitions between colleges, UCAM is the 1st in team sports and in private universities.

    6. UCAM it’s strongly linked with work world through study plans adapted to market exigencies, obligatory internships in institutions and eenterprises in every program and research programs in colaboration with big enterprises. At the same time UCAM’s students dispose of computers and scientific-profesional laboratories apart from a modern on-line learning system.

    7. UCAM it’s a Catholic institution in dialogue with the modern world for the purposes of evangelization and the improvement of human society as a whole. This spirit is made visible in personalized lectures with a reduced number of students and personal tutors for each student. UCAM propone cristian values throught some subjects, volunteership, meetings, congress and seminaries.