The degree programme Licenciado en Psicología as double degree programme Magister en Coaching (Mag) aims at alumni of psychology, social sciences, human and life sciences, nursing, health sciences, pedagogics, education, psychotherapy, life- and social consulting (Lebens- und Sozialberatung LSB), coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), teaching and counselling study areas as well as at equally qualified persons who have already gained skills and knowledge in psychology and coaching and want to increase their primary knowledge by well-founded tools and techniques of applied psychology and coaching.
The objective of the university programme is to put skills and knowledge in the area of coaching psychology across to alumni of the above mentioned study disciplines. The newly gained skills shall enable the alumni to flexibly, efficiently and successfully solve the challenging tasks of human-centred coaching.
The part-time asynchronous distance-learning programme is oriented on the provision to transfer knowledge in psychology and coaching with a high degree of self-study. Particularly the focus of the Magister Thesis is on the business and job environment in which the coaching settings shall be primarily implemented.
The opportunity of network-collaboration via the e-learning platform of Universidad Azteca provides the participants of the programme with practical opportunities to connect with work-groups, finally resulting in high-end Magisters theses.
Upon completion of the university programme the alumni are familiar with and able to implement the basics, tools and techniques of psychological coaching. In the Magister thesis they will have demonstrated the ability to develop solutions for settings with a high degree of innovation and a practice-oriented potential for implementation. Due to the skills gained in the programme the alumni can act as specialists in the area.
In terms of study law the programme serves actualisation and specialisation for the award of the Licenciatura degree (A5 – 5 years) after the Bachelor (TecSupUniv A3 – 3 years) at the 5-years Masters level.
The programme is covered by the accreditation  for the Licenciatura en Psicología (A5) according to Articles 37 and 60 of the General Law of Education .
The Magister in Coaching (Mag) by UCAM is an autonomous university programme, the awarded title is a university own degree (título propio) according to Article 34 of the Spanish University Law, Ley Organica 6/2001 in the version 4/2007.