Schedules 2017/2018Exámenes
Academic Calendar for 2017-2018Module I. Research Methodology (see Timetable for exam schedule)
Timetable for 2017/2018Module II. Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning  
  Module III. Exercise Physiology 
  Module IV. Biomechanics and Movement Analysis 
 Module V. Program Design as related to Strength & Conditioning 
 Module VI. Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids 
 Module VII. Strength Training & Conditioning in the Elderly 
 Module VII. Research and Computer Methods in S&C 
 Module IX. Practicum 
The official presentation of the master's program will be held during the first day of class on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 9:00h (Monastery, Aula 1).
In general, students are required to be physically present on-campus from January through June, as the required modules will be presented in this time period. The modules will be taught in the mornings (9:00-14:00h) on Wednesdays through Fridays, but there may be exceptions. The schedule of the modules is posted in the academic calendar.