Gonzalo Wandosell

    Gonzalo Wandosell Fernández de Bobadilla.

    Director of the UCAM-FOM Doctoral School of Business.

    This is a new and innovative doctoral programme fostered by the collaboration agreement between the two Universities that enabled the establishment of the "UCAM-FOM Doctoral School of Business", by which FOM students eligible to enter a doctoral program will attend the Doctoral Programme in Administration and Management (ADE) at the headquarters in UCAM, Murcia. Admitted students will undertake the “Research Methodology Module”, which runs in late July intensively for two weeks and all in English. After successful completion of this module, students will commence with the development phase of their thesis that language, planned for three years, for which they will be assigned both a UCAM and a FOM co-supervisors. Students will gain the title of “Doctor” after successful defense of their thesis (deposited according to time and form requisites), which will have to be fully written and presented in English, in a public defense act at the UCAM head offices.
    This PhD programme has been carefully designed to offer the best synergy and research capacities of the two institutions, to enable the exposure and belonging to best knowledge and networking, all supported by our best student experience. With regard to the former, knowledge, consideration to different frameworks will be welcome, both for academic theory and world practice student approaches. Regarding the latter, we sincerely aim at fostering the best from these European yet globally connected thriving institutions for talented, outstanding, leading professionals in all areas in business.